Homeward Bound

Genevieve now floats peacefully in Port Jefferson Harbor on the North Shore of Long Island after a long, fun, varied journey–some of it meandering through familiar islands, some of it on the open North Atlantic.  Read on… In February, we had limited options heading north from Antigua due to COVID border restrictions, which made it impossible to … More Homeward Bound

Inching North…

We are back on-board Genevieve after a long Summer and Fall of lock-down in New York, eager to broaden our horizons and continue our journey north through the Caribbean chain, and out into the big Atlantic Ocean… We had a very quiet, isolated, but industrious summer in New York.  We landscaped the garden at 4 Bay, built a … More Inching North…

Isolated Sailing

  Currently, we have  the  perfect isolation bubble.  The self-sufficient, prepper’s dream, Genevieve is a long swim from shore, her lockers well-stocked, and no febrile indication that she has taken on a Corona stowaway. But let’s rewind.  While Genevieve slept in Peakes Yard, Trinidad & Tobago, John and I had an autumn of land-based exploration … More Isolated Sailing

Hooked on Sailing

It’s been a long slog, but Genevieve is finally back to fighting form: re-rigged, re-fitted, shiny as new, and ready to sail.  And what better way to test her mettle than to take her on a non-stop 1500-mile Atlantic romp from Fort Lauderdale to the British Virgin Islands? So, on December 31, 2018,  after months … More Hooked on Sailing