Genevieve Takes on Matthew…and Wins!

Despite sitting right in the path of hurricane Matthew, Genevieve came through the storm unscathed as far as we can tell from marina reports from Georgia.  Matthew gave us a bit of a scare, but we had left Gen in a very safe marina and had prepared her assuming a storm or two would visit over the Summer.  But a Category 3/4 hurricane is a whopper of a storm!   The pictures from Weather Channel were freaking us out so we stopped watching and just crossed our fingers.

We are so glad that we diligently took off every removable gadget from Genevieve, stripped the canvas,  added chafe guards to doubled and tripled mooring lines, stowed the sails, and pulled all the halyards up into the mast so she was skinnier than Kate Moss after a cocaine binge!

Plan now is to drive down to Gen on October 18, spend a week or so getting her ready and then sail south to Fort Lauderdale with crew Nancy Bohne and Bob Dowling.  We’ll let you know how the Season Two kick-off goes shortly.


One thought on “Genevieve Takes on Matthew…and Wins!

  1. Fabulous to hear that Gen did not get hurt by Matthew.
    But knowing Martin & John a little, you both knew better, weather wise!
    When the hurricane season comes, we are responsible & we’ve better be ready for the worst case scenario!
    Well Genevieve has been kindly waiting for you long enough and now has come the time to share again “le grand large” of the Ocean or the Oceans with her!
    Will call you for Monday or Tuesday for possible early dinner….but now it will be inside if we confirm ok!
    Will text you!
    Best to you both,
    Catherine & Frank


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