She is Risen!

You thought we had forgotten you all!  Well, we are back, and so is Genevieve: better, shinier, more modern, and fully upgraded (just the boat, not us).

On the DYT Transport Ship

In February, we put Genevieve on the float-on float-off DYT yacht transport ship and had her hauled back to Fort Lauderdale to start the long and complicated process of repairs.

With the leadership of a great rigger, Brad Storm, we removed the kinked mast and all the running (lines) and standing (wire) rigging, took a circular saw (carefully) to the mast to extract the mainsail, largely unscathed. Then we chopped up the mast and rigging after reclaiming what we could and sent the bits off to the scrap yard and ordered a new mast and rigging.

She was hauled out of the water and a team of skilled guys started repairing gouges and scrapes in the fiberglass…within a week she looked better than new and her hull was gleaming.  We pulled off and repaired a long section of toerail and rub rail and replaced and ordered replacement stanchions, pushpit rail and other sundries from the Hylas factory.  A skilled welder came to address the dinghy davit, which was bent like a pretzel, and declared that he could fix it rather than us having to get a replacement (that saved us $10,000).  We had to have a window replaced that was broken, and then the woodworkers descended to fix some of the water damaged wood in the interior.

But…while we were at it we (well Martin) decided it would be a great idea to have a little upgrade session.  So we dove in and replaced all the electronics (yes, now we can sail the boat using an iPhone app), stereo system, added sexy mood lighting, mast up-lights (that serve no purpose except to increase the perception of glamor), solar panels, batteries, all new Sunbrella canvas including a large sun canopy, chic cockpit cushions, a fabulous new WHITE dinghy, and 300ft of new anchor chain.

We spend weeks cleaning the decks, polishing and then waxing every outside part of Genevieve to get off the accumulated grime and to protect her from the Florida sun.  In Mid May we surrounded her with fenders and lines and left her for the Summer hoping that no big storms will come her way.

Then started a busy summer back in Long Island: building a new deck, sailing other boats, camping, kayaking, partying!

Now we are starting to plan Genevieve’s return to the Caribbean to continue our exploration of the Windward and Leeward islands this winter.  We will go back to finish her refit in late October and make sure she is fully functional before setting off around January 1 for the 7 day, non-stop 1200-mile passage from Ft Lauderdale back to the British Virgin Islands.  Then we will  meander down the islands, entertaining a collection of guests as we go.


More updates soon…promise


6 thoughts on “She is Risen!

  1. Well done guys sounds like you now have a brand new vessel. Shows great commitment to Genevieve- hope all goes to plan and you get back to the Caribbean after New Year.


  2. Well hello boys,

    We were hoping to attempt to Skype but realised that we don’t know how to and I think we would need your e-mail details rather than the blog. Wendy & I would like to send you a big heart felt thank you for the video you sent to Marie. We turned up last night thinking we were just going for a meal with Keith & Marie and Robert & Jamie only to find most of our family and friends there. We have a fabulous night in the Dirty Duck (Marie’s pub in the garden!) though I can’t recall the majority of it (don’t let Keith loose with the Gin bottle). We will post some photos when we get them.

    Well we had a really nice time in with village we spent our honeymoon in 30 years ago (we upgrade the accommodation though) visited München and Schloss Neuschwanstein (or the Chitty-chitty-bang-bang castle). The village hadn’t changed much and was very friendly. We had an amazing meal on out actual anniversary and drove here, there and everywhere, including almost, but not quite, to the top of the highest mountain in Austria!

    Photos to follow – still crying laughing after the cheeky boys on the video

    XXXX Dave & Wendy ________________________________


  3. Congratulations! Your excellent adventures with Genevieve helped inspire us to purchase a Hylas 54 at the beginning of the year. I was so worried about you guys after I saw what happened in the hurricane. So happy you are back in the water again! Fair winds, the crew of Renegade, hull #19


  4. I had your email to read thoroughly & today was the day.
    Great to see how you have organized & orchestrated the repair & healing of Genevieve!
    Bonne Voile en Janvier & stay connected w/us all
    So glad that John would be able to navigate on his own with his phone Application!
    I have been on boats as you know & when just the two of you on board, it will feel so good to have that safety addition . This App seems to be your alternative Captain…😉
    See you before you leave.
    Cat & Frank (WGB)


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