Isolated Sailing

  Currently, we have  the  perfect isolation bubble.  The self-sufficient, prepper’s dream, Genevieve is a long swim from shore, her lockers well-stocked, and no febrile indication that she has taken on a Corona stowaway. But let’s rewind.  While Genevieve slept in Peakes Yard, Trinidad & Tobago, John and I had an autumn of land-based exploration … More Isolated Sailing

Hooked on Sailing

It’s been a long slog, but Genevieve is finally back to fighting form: re-rigged, re-fitted, shiny as new, and ready to sail.  And what better way to test her mettle than to take her on a non-stop 1500-mile Atlantic romp from Fort Lauderdale to the British Virgin Islands? So, on December 31, 2018,  after months … More Hooked on Sailing

Big Sail

  This from 21º 19’.113N, 065º29’.442W, or in other words, 1000 miles out from Fort Lauderdale with only 200 to go to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands on this seven-day ocean adventure via the non-stop, way out there “I-65” route.  We have not seen another ship in the North Atlantic Ocean for four days…the crew of … More Big Sail

Watch Out Virgins…

Winter is on its way and we are outta here!  And to get “outta here” we are undertaking our most ambitious and longest ocean passage yet:  a non-stop, 1100 mile sail into the Atlantic from Florida to the Virgin Islands.  Read on… We left NY  just as the chill arrived in late October.  We drove to Genevieve in … More Watch Out Virgins…