Irma is Coming!

We left Genevieve sleeping on land in Nanny Cay, British Virgin Islands. We have been enjoying our Summer at West Gilgo, but poor Genevieve is about to be slammed by Category 5 Hurricane Irma. We left her fully prepped to survive a blow, but a Cat 5 is an outrageously powerful storm that will flatten brick buildings. We are crossing our fingers and toes, but are thinking Genevieve might not survive this one.  I guess we will need to blow the dust off our ski bags this winter…or go back to work!

Anyway, there is nothing we can do about it here and she is nestled in a strong hurricane cradle.  But 150 knot winds might just pick it all up like Dorothy’s shack and blow her to Kansas..or to the bottom of the deep blue sea.  Hold on tight Gen!

We will let you know if this blog has a future or is done!


11 thoughts on “Irma is Coming!

  1. Very sorry to read this but I guess it’s a better scenario than being down there right now and trying to avoid it hey! I’ll put your “Gen” on the Freberg prayer circuit which at the moment has been very positive after “Harvey’s” rath on some freinds in Sugarland Texas whom stayed high and dry thruout. Nothing short of a miracle IMO. Let’s hope for more of that for ALL in the path and especially the Genevieve! All the best to the BVIs and vessels!


  2. Best Wishes for Genevieve. She’s a tough gal (like her namesake?) and well built. She’ll beat ol’ Irma. Let us know if you go skiing. – Lee and Pat.


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