Poor Virgin Islands!


Genevieve took a direct hit from hurricane Irma and we have not received any direct confirmation of how she did or even if she is still a boat rather than a pile of twisted stainless and fiberglass.  Tortola was slammed and most people lost their homes, and some lost loved ones, so our First World privilaged predicament is really not that great in the scheme of things.
But I know you would like an update.  We currently face three possible scenarios:
1. Genevieve is a total loss.  If so, as she is uninsured for hurricanes, we will lick our wounds and our sailing life will be done.(probability 30%)
2. She needs significant repair work done, but Tortola will be months or years away from being able to provide yacht services, so we would be faced with many months or more in the yard waiting to get repairs (probability 50%)
3. The damage is minor and we can sail her away from the BVI as planned in January and continue our voyage through the Windward and Leeward Islands (probability 20%)
Watch this space….

5 thoughts on “Poor Virgin Islands!

  1. I am opting for option 3, and let us hope I am right. Thank you for the info & analysis. Keep us posted, we want good news. Sometimes it is a matter of chance in the circumstances, & I want to believe that Gen. is meant to have a longer life with you guys. 🐱

    Catherine Salacuse 🇫🇷 csalacuse@gmail.com



  2. We are hoping for the best outcome. We have been looking at various feeds in the area. Please keep us posted. Know that our thoughts are you with you.
    Pat & Sarah


  3. I’m very saddened for the folks who have been so negatively affected by the hurricane. And, I am happy you were able to retreat to safety prior to the arrival of the hurricane.


  4. I saw the pictures of Nanny Cay on Passagemaker.com. My heart is heavy. I see some masts with three spreaders standing. Hoping for the best for you guys!! Please let us know.


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