Now We Know, Kinda

Genevieve circled. On her ear but mast still up. Could be worse.

We finally have some news.  We saw this picture this morning of the Nanny Cay storage area.  Most boat are toppled and it looks bad, but Genevieve is identifiable.  She is on her ear, leaning over about 30 degrees and it looks like the mast is still up.  We won’t know the extent of damage until we get some close-up pictures but at least she is mostly in one piece.  Our thoughts are still with all the BVI residents who are still looking for friends and loved ones and trying to out their houses back together.


If you can, please consider donating to one of the Irma Caribbean relief funds.

4 thoughts on “Now We Know, Kinda

  1. Oua! What a scene! And Genevieve seems to have shown that she was not going to bend or give up! she is a strong one amongst all! This is the beginning of some better news for you in the middle of this Irma’s carnage. And yes there is so much human misery that I feel a bit materialistic to be so happy for you. Though we are happy that you were not there yourself. 🐱 Catherine Salacuse 🇫🇷



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