Down, But Not Out

Finally we have some up-close shots of Genevieve and we can see that she is still more or less in one piece!  She is leaning forward and on her side, which means the part of the hull that is on the ground is a forward, strongly built part.  That is good.  Also her rudder–a potentially fragile part of her underside–is up in the air and undamaged.  The mast seems to be straight and in one piece and although there is some damage to her rub rail, toe rail, stations and pushpin, she seems to be water tight and remarkably unscathed by her topple.

Of course we do not have any detailed information on whether she is letting in water or the state of the insides and  we don’t know if she crashed down hard or slid gently to her current pose.

However we are hopeful that she can be repaired.  All we need to do is wait.  The yard is still in chaos and we have to wait for the poor people of Tortola to get themselves back in order so boat work can resume.

More to follow…



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