Fingers Tapping…

Genevieve is still laying on her side, and will be for a few more weeks yet.  The Nanny Cay boat yard is working on righting all the felled boats and have made great progress.  Unfortunately there are a couple of really big yachts hemming us in, and in order to lift these, the yard needs an extra large crane.  The ELC is on its way to Nanny Cay, but it will take several weeks to get there!  That means we have to just wait our turn.

As far as we can tell, the BVI’s are slowly getting back to normal.  Restaurants and hotels are opening and the power and water supply is reasonable.  But much infrastructure work is still needed. However, there is no point in going down to the BVI until Geneveive is on her feet and we can get aboard to clean up and assess the repairs needed.

So we are still in NY, but we have closed up 4 Bay and moved to Mimi’s house to luxuriate in her central heating.  But after the recent first snow of the season we have decided to run for it as soon as the holidays are over…we are heading for Florida.  We will fit in a bunch of holiday parties and some skiing before we go, but we just don’t want to do snow and cold!

We will be living in a house in Ft Lauderdale in our old hood, right across the street from our friend Pam.  The gym, the beach, and all our old haunts right around the corner.  We will most likely be going back and forth to the BVI to oversee Genevieve repairs but at least its a short flight from FLL to BVI.

We’ll be sailing soon….just gonna take some time and money to get ourselves back on track!


2 thoughts on “Fingers Tapping…

  1. Hi Guys,

    Doesn’t sound too bad then – phew! hopefully the damage will be minimal and Genevieve will soon be upright and on the road to recovery. Hope you get to enjoy a happy Christmas; ours will be quiet. The kids are coming home but Heather has just split from her partner Sam and, sadly, Wendy’s Dad passed away at the end of November. My old folks are still hanging on in there, just – personally I can see my Mum at my funeral complaining that it isn’t good enough!

    Anyhoo – happy Christmas to you both




  2. We love to hear about those latest updates even if it is still not what you wished yet.
    Nevertheless it is promising & you know now that you will be sailing Genevieve again.
    You know how to live well & that was the goal & the reason for retiring
    Enjoy Florida, here it is cold & the wind brutal!
    ASA the holidays are passed, we sure will follow your idea by going to Aventura.
    Keep on feeding us when Genevieve is in front of you or going to be.
    Bonne Chance!
    Enjoy all the Holiday festivities.
    Catherine et Frank


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